Episode 36

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28th Aug 2023

#36 Off the Cuff: Gratitude Opens the Door for Opportunity

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From a Full Cup is a mental wellness education podcast that teaches women to prioritize their wellness and put themselves first, because you can’t pour from an empty cup. 

I'm your host Natalie Mullin , Certified Wellness Educator, Speaker, Facilitator and Teacher. Every Thursday I release a new episode, teaching women how to dream big, take action and move the needle forward in life.

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[00:00:26] Natalie: And I just got this idea, like maybe I'll start posting. Some things that I'm grateful for in my stories on Instagram, because every day I do a gratitude journal. I just write three things that I'm grateful for and it's just been a really great practice. I used to do it years ago. I. And it was really helpful because that was when I was going through a really dark time and I was really depressed and it really helped to bring me out of the depression.


[00:01:25] Natalie: It's called Five Tricks to, what is it called? Five Tricks to. Five Tricks to Manage Your Time to Improve Work life Balance, something of that sort. Okay. But it's about tricks, time, work, life balance, which is just something I'm very passionate about and pretty much every client I work with always has.


[00:02:14] Natalie: Anyways, I'm getting off track. The reason why I'm so grateful to finally launch this masterclass is because this is something I've been wanting to do for months and I kept saying, Okay, I'm gonna get to it. I'm gonna get to it. And then I was like, well, how do I actually launch the masterclass? How do I announce it?


[00:02:54] Natalie: The date of my masterclass is. August 31st. And I do believe that once you start to think in your mind, how can I make something happen? Answers will start to come to you. You have to be open though. You have to see possibility. And so I kind of started peeking around and trying to see how are other people doing it?


[00:03:39] Natalie: So Eventbrite, it is, and the masterclass was launched and I've had two people sign up and that makes me really excited because one of them I don't know. So how cool is that? And I'm not. You know, it doesn't matter. Honestly, if nobody was to come to my class, it would still be okay because the point is I got started and I will learn in the process things I can do better, how to market, how to promote, et cetera, et cetera.


[00:04:34] Natalie: It's completely free. It'll be for an hour, August 31st, five to 6:00 PM Eastern. Um, maybe there will be a replay. Not sure about that one, but I hope you come. Bring a friend, send them an email. Um, I'm just excited. Be grateful. That was the whole point of this thing. Gratitude. There's always something to be grateful for.

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