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Episode 64

Published on:

4th Dec, 2023

Episode 62

Published on:

27th Nov, 2023

Episode 60

Published on:

20th Nov, 2023

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From a Full Cup
Holistic Wellness| Self Improvement | Mindset for Women
You know you can’t pour from an empty cup. It's time to fill yours.

Hosted by Natalie Mullin, a Certified Wellness Educator, Speaker, Facilitator and Coach, From a Full Cup is a holistic wellness and mindset podcast empowering Black, racialized and allied purpose-seeking women to dream big, take action, and move the needle forward in life while prioritizing their wellness. This is not your typical wellness podcast. In fact, we'll spend a lot of time questioning, rethinking and disrupting conventional views on wellness. Tune in every Monday and Thursday for practical wellness tools and strategies, life lessons and ponderings, motivation, relatable personal stories and insightful conversations. Main topics surround disruptive wellness, self care, self improvement, mindset, purpose, resilience, women’s empowerment and personal development.

How can you find balance in life and feel peace, joy, and fulfillment? How can you balance all your responsibilities and still pursue your dreams? How can you spend more time with those who matter most to you and finally escape the hamster wheel of life? Tune in to find out.

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Natalie Mullin

Natalie Mullin is a Certified Wellness Educator, Speaker and Coach. She's the host of the From a Full Cup podcast and is obsessed with dreaming big and taking action. She's a life long learner, dreamer, world traveller, and personal development fan. She loves thought provoking conversations, popcorn and bubble tea. Dancing makes her heart go boom boom.