Episode 42

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18th Sep 2023

#42 Off the Cuff: Ask for Help

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From a Full Cup is a mental wellness education podcast that teaches women to prioritize their wellness and put themselves first, because you can’t pour from an empty cup. 

I'm your host Natalie Mullin , Certified Wellness Educator, Speaker, Facilitator and Teacher. Every Thursday I release a new episode, teaching women how to dream big, take action and move the needle forward in life.

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[00:00:19] Natalie: But guess what? You know that phrase, fake it till you make it? Well, I really agree with that. And alongside fake it till you make it, fake it, but then go find out how to do it. So ask somebody. Hey, I have this opportunity, I have this project, I agreed to do something, and I actually have no clue how to do it.


[00:01:01] Natalie: And time is money. When you spend a lot of time searching for how to do something and you're teaching yourself, it can take you a long time. A lot of times you go down the wrong rabbit hole and you're like, this is not exactly what I wanted to learn or it just takes you way longer to pick up the, the, whatever, whatever the information is you're trying to learn.


[00:01:44] Natalie: And for a couple of days, I was like, I don't really know where to go with this. And then I decided to reach out to a friend who I know has a lot of experience in this area. And I said to them, Hey, can I come over? Can you show me? Like one of your proposals and just go through it so I can understand. And I'm a person who learns very well from an example.


[00:02:30] Natalie: If you have a gift or a skill or a talent and it might not even be a big thing, it might be something that you just do for work every single day. Like maybe you make spreadsheets every day or you make pitch decks or you make sales calls like it's just a part of your. Regular routine or process, but that might be something that somebody else around you would love to learn and that skill is something that would actually benefit them.


[00:03:11] Natalie: There is enough for everybody to win and succeed, and I think in business, a lot of times, we forget that. And it's so easy to feel like, oh, that person's my competitor, oh, they're taking away from me an opportunity. But you've got to really just reframe that thinking and just say, there is so much opportunity out there.


[00:04:13] Natalie: All right, yall

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